• Image of Kimberly's Capital Punishment, Signed First Edition
  • Image of Kimberly's Capital Punishment, Signed First Edition

Signed first edition of Kimberly's Capital Punishment, published by Faber & Faber, 2012

Kimberly Clark was born to the sound of cackling witches, Halloween 1984. Having moved to London with her athletic boyfriend, the sweet-but-stuttering Stevie, she soon tires of him and decides to destroy the relationship from within by being as vile as is humanly possible. When this tactic leads to Stevie's violent death by his own hand, Kimberly embarks on an enthusiastic, but no less disastrous, venture in 'unadulterated altruism'. Kimberly's soul hangs in the balance - will she ultimately spend eternity in the great TopShop in the sky? Or will she be hurtled into an abyss of endless physical torture, sexual humiliation and bad stand-up comedy? This is the story of Kimberly's redemption, or possibly her damnation: it's up to you. There are six different endings on offer. Bring your own dice. Prepare to lose your marbles

This is a shocking, laugh-out-loud, nightmare-and-nausea-inducing book: a wild narrative experiment that recalls taboo-busting writers from William Burroughs to Irvine Welsh to Chuck Palahniuk

'Dark and surreal yarn... Milward holds our attention with endearing characters and quirky storytelling techniques... a deliciously playful, marvellously adventurous fuck-you of a novel; a confident and assured effort from one of the country's most inventive young writers' - David Clack, Time Out Book of the Week